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Pros and Cons of Acquiring a Robotic

A robotic total station is one of the most advanced electronic instruments being used in modern surveying. But what are the advantages and potential disadvantages of these surveying instruments? Read on to find out.


The biggest advantage to the robotic over the optical station is that it has a motor in it that allows it to be operated remotely. This allows the surveyor to be away from the instrument, which CAN allow you to cut the survey crew by one person. This is a SIGNIFICANT savings to the surveyor.

Most modern optical total stations include the theodolite, distance meter, AND data collection all in the same instrument. The robotic just adds the robotic servo motors. Robots work all day and don’t complain. They don’t need water breaks or bathroom breaks. They don’t lay out drunk or call in sick when you have an important job to do. They only require a charged battery. Robots also are capable of turning more precise angles.

All these advantages lead to a lesser cost of operation as fewer persons are required to do the job.


With the introduction of robotic total stations, many surveyors don’t find the need for an assistant, choosing to survey as a “one-man” crew. As such, this does mean that someone may be unemployed. Of course, you could keep that person and train them for another job or use them to increase production.

Since electronic total stations have been around, there has been a tendency by surveyors to treat these instruments as “black boxes,” which means that you trust whatever numbers pop out of it without question. Even though today’s surveying instruments are extremely helpful, they are still just tools. Remember the saying “garbage in – garbage out.”

With the total station itself, one problem might be that electrical malfunctions could happen, especially in extreme weather conditions. A constant power supply is essential for the machine to keep working. Interruption of power or signals could happen once it loses its power and this could generate wrong data and could greatly affect the whole project.

All electronic surveying equipment requires routine maintenance and care. While these instruments are somewhat rugged, it is possible that rough handling and rough conditions can cause expensive problems. But, with proper care, this could be alleviated.

The most notable disadvantage for robotic total stations is the price. These machines typically run about double what an optical total station does. While this DOES require a substantial investment, with the offsetting of the labor cost, the payback on this type equipment should be relatively quick. My experience is that you could pay back the cost within a year’s time or less.

To sum it all up, a robotic total station is a great piece of machinery to have and will definitely help surveyors in cutting their workload and not to mention their production costs. But, as we mentioned above, there are other things to consider as you contemplate the purchase of one of these advanced pieces of surveying equipment.

Robots The Future of Eldercare

Advances in technology have been astounding over the last decade. Electronics are starting to be built into everything from vacuums to toothbrushes and slowly, but surely, computers will become an invaluable part of every aspect of daily living. Someday, you’ll be able to take a shower and the bathroom will not only detect you, it will adjust the height of the sink to your level and set the water temperature to 96 degrees, just the way you like it.

Taking care of the elderly will become much easier, as well. Remember Rosie from The Jetsons? She was able to cook and clean and even read their son, Elroy, a bedtime story. It may be a long time before we see a robot that we’re actually able to communicate with, but robots that cook and clean are already in production. Think about your elderly loved ones. Instead of having to send them away to a retirement home, they’ll be able to spend their remaining years at home with you, where they should be. And you won’t have to worry about leaving them alone or making sure they’re taking their medication.

Now, it’s really going to take a long time before robots are advanced enough to fully take care of us, so don’t start believing that they’re going to take all our jobs. But robots, or more likely just computers, will be built into everything and make life easier. Instead of a robotic nurse pushing grandpa around in a wheelchair, the robot may actually be the wheelchair. Grandpa will simply have to think about which direction he wants to move and his robotic chair will follow.

Imagine the possibilities of living in a world where you won’t have to remember when to take which pills or where your wheelchair will be able to go up and down stairs with ease. Help will always be instantly at your side, so there will be less of a need for emergency response and homes will be a completely safe environment.

This all may sound great, but can we really expect to see all this new technology anytime soon? The answer is yes, and no. Within our lifetimes, expect to see electronics built into just about everything. Expect to be able to use verbal commands to control most major household appliances, but don’t expect them to be able to answer back with a witty remark until about 2050. We are in the electronic and digital age, but will soon be up against the robotic and nanotechnology age.

Robot Kits For Kids

Usually male kids love to play with robots because it is gives reality to the robot games and movies that they admire on television. Although most robot movies demonstrate fighting and power exhibition, it is still proven as good toys for kids. Its complex styles and complicated parts have the power to trigger learning and mind advancement to the child. As early as seven years old, robot kits for kids could already be introduced to your child. This wll not just make your child aware of robotics but it will also make him wise, resolve complicated problem and analyze what to do.

To begin your child’s learning about robotics or robot building, you can get him a beginner robot kits for kids. The kit is the complete set of a particular robot kit project that includes the all the needed parts, tools and the instruction necessary for part assembling. On the first robotic study of your child, he could learn some important mechanical and electronic parts, how mechanical systems are put together and how to handle simple hand tools. On his first try, it is also important that you still provide supervision because he might have some question and difficulties regarding the parts and the assembling process, you should still be their to guide and show him the right way to do things right.

After your child is done with his first robot kit and you see his passion to learn more, you could introduce higher level or advance robot kits for kids that already involve programming. In this stage he could learn the basic about electronics and computer programming allowing him to analyze things better. He could know how electricity work, its effect to things and the power that it has to manage things. As long as your child has the passion for robotics or robot building continue nurturing it by providing him different and kits and project to work with, and best give him additional reading and references related to robotics. Through this he could develop his interest and expand his knowledge and awareness since analyzing, mechanics, electronics and programming is part of our daily tasks.

On the negative side, the disastrous characters of robots on movies shown on television of could also influence your child’s behavior but still that depends upon the training and discipline given by the parent to his child. Through proper explanation and enlightenment of the right things to the child will effectively avoid this situation. Although robot kits for kids bear a tag that it is “for kids” it could also be enjoyed by parents and adults. Actually, you and your child could work together making a robotic project because it will improve both of your knowledge and at the same time develop child and parent relationship.

Robotic Massage

The evolution of science and technology has made some wonderful technology advances. One such area which benefits you is a robotic massage chair. These mechanical servants are here to take care of all your whims and needs. Let’s take a look at some of the more prominent features of these advanced robotic massage chairs.

Back Roller Massage: One of the basic technologies used in a robotic massaging recliners is the back roller massage mechanism. This system uses two, four or six rollers to perform a variety of movements. Movements can consist of kneading, tapping, rolling and a combination kneading and tapping.

Air Massage System: Many manufacturers are integrating air massage systems into their recliners. These systems used compressed air to inflate specially designed airbags. The flexibility of this technology allows the airbags to be contoured to different parts of the body. These are especially effective for massaging the larger muscles of the body.

Foot Reflexology: To relieve your aching feet, many of the top manufacturers now offer foot reflexology massage. Reflexology massage uses contoured designed airbags to provide a compression massage to the sides and top of the feet. Specially designed reflexology nodes or plates are used to stimulate the soles of the feet for relief.

Heat Therapy: The application of heat is commonly found in sports therapy. Now many of these advanced recliners have integrated heating systems. This enables the user to target heat to specific areas of the body. Heat is known to reduce swelling and to enhance blood flow.

MP3 Music Player: One of the more important elements of massage is to relax your mind. The most effective means of doing so is with soft, rhythmic music. Many massage chairs now have integrated MP3 players and headphones. This makes it easy for you to relax your mind, thus making the massage more effective.

Shiatsu Massage: The first massage chairs were started in Japan where the most famous massage technique is shiatsu. Now with different technologies available, many of these recliners come with shiatsu style massage therapy. A variety of movements and technologies are employed to deliver an effective shiatsu massage.

Stretching Systems: One of the new technologies evolving in these advanced recliners is stretching systems. Now many of these chairs have the ability to stretch out different parts of the body. These systems either target stretching the legs or stretching the shoulders and back.

Vibration Systems: The first massage chairs were simply vibration enhanced chairs. Vibration is very good at penetrating deeply through the muscles and soft tissue areas. Many massage chairs make use of vibration in strategic areas to provide relief.

Omega Massage: One of the top companies for advanced massage chairs is the Omega Massage Company. This line of recliners are known for their strength of massage. They provide a variety of different value added therapies to provide the most complete massage experience.

Sanyo Electronics: This company offers a number of electronic features to better pinpoint and target your areas of stress. Different arrays of electronic sensors are used to better customize and target the massage just for your needs.

Panasonic Massage Chairs: The Panasonic electronic company offers a number of models for the American market. Advanced technology is used in a common platform for different massage chair models. They offer a line of contemporary entry-level and high-end luxury line.

As you can see there are many technologies integrated into today’s robotic massage chairs. All of these technologies are driven by sophisticated software programs to better target specific areas and also to provide a superior overall massage. The companies which are pushing the frontiers of technology are Omega Massage, Sanyo and also Panasonic. This is a great time to be looking at these advanced recliners as the technology is available to provide full body massage treatments.