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Cleaning Cat Litter Box Litter-Robot I VS Litter

One of the best automatic cat litter boxes available today is the Litter-Robot.  The Litter-Robot consists of a removable globe that sits atop a base containing a large waste drawer.  The globe contains a heavy duty rubber coated screen for sifting litter.  Seven minutes after the cat leaves the Litter-Robot, the globe begins to rotate.  The litter is sifted by the screen.  Clumps are separated and dropped into the waste drawer through a trap door.

Litter-Robot has many advantages.  First, the globe shape minimizes the cat’s ability to kick litter out.  Second, it requires no special receptacles or bags.  Any type of bag may be used in the waste drawer.  Bags are held by rubber grips.  Third, any type of clumping cat litter can be used.  Other brands, such as Littermaid or ScoopFree use a rake to sift the litter.  The rake has a tendency to become clogged.  It has been reported by users that more expensive brands of cat litter will improve the performance of rake-style automatic and self-cleaning cat litter boxes.  On the other hand, Litter-Robot can use the least expensive brand of cat litter, which saves money in the long run.

Additional advantages of the Litter-Robot include a 60 day money back guarantee, an 18 month warranty and it is very easy to maintain.  The removable globe just lifts off the base.  It has no electronics in it, so if it needs to be cleaned, it is very easy to do.  First the remaining litter is emptied into the drawer by pressing the “Empty” button.  Then the globe can be lifted off and hosed down with a garden hose.  A scent-free mild soap and deodorizer can be used, if desired.  Scent-free products should be used so unusual smells will not deter the cat from using the Litter-Robot.  Similarly, the drawer contains no electronics and can be cleaned in the same manner as the globe.

The currently available Litter-Robot is Litter-Robot II.  The original Litter-Robot has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  Although occasionally it can be found on eBay.  The original Litter-Robot (let’s just call it Litter-Robot I), had a few differences than the new Litter-Robot II.  First, Litter-Robot I had a smaller waste drawer.  In addition, its motor was much louder.  Third, it did not have any odor control features.

Litter-Robot II has a much larger waste drawer than Litter-Robot I.  The motor is also much quieter.  Recently, Litter-Robot II was improved further with odor control features.  There is a soft breathable ring between the base and the globe to trap odors in the drawer.  The drawer has an odor-neutralizing carbon filter that destroys the odor as it escapes through the drawer’s ventilation holes.  Since many of the early Litter-Robot II’s do not have odor control, the manufacturer sells an upgrade kit so users may add it themselves.  In addition, the manufacturer sells replacement carbon filters.

Overall, Litter-Robot II has improved dramatically vs. Litter-Robot I.  The odor control features work extremely well. The larger sized waste drawer makes travel very convenient.  With an automatic pet feeder, a pet waterer and the Litter-Robot, it’s very easy to justify firing the pet sitter.  If you travel a lot, these products pay for themselves.

Robotics and Automation Engineering

Robots are everywhere around us whether we realize it or not. From surgery robots to entertainment robots to the robots employed for household chores. This rampant use of robots for different purposes didn’t come easy. A lot of effort and energy on the part of passionate scientists and researchers went into realizing the dream of robots in our life. But, as they say, no success is permanent and as a matter of fact it is not. There no such word called stagnant in the dictionary of science. Any technology has to keep on evolving to sustain and in the process bring out the answers to the prevailing problems. Robots have actually, made our lives so much easier and improved its quality.

Any student, who is interested in the field of Robotics and Automation engineering, has a world of opportunities to do the same. So many universities offer good quality education to their students of this subject. Ukraine has truly become the hub of education for the mentioned field. With good quality education at low fees, its colleges are considered to be among the top aviation institutes of Europe and at par with any other renowned college in the world.

With beautiful cities of Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa etc. who are of great historic and strategic importance to boast about, Ukraine also has world-class education facilities for all the aspiring students. This country not only focuses on providing quality education to its own citizens, but also is keen on inviting foreign candidates for education. The best part about education here is that the focus is not about cramming the textbooks, but the overall development of students with the help of equal importance to be given to theory as well as practical application. The overall development also includes co-curricular activities for the benefit of students in the mental as well as physical development of the candidates. And that’s not all; this quality education is offered at very nominal fees, as already discussed above.

The proof of the quality of education imparted here can be, the alumni of the institutes situated here, who have been absorbed by the reputed organizations worldwide. A few of the universities are recognized and accredited by not only the Ukrainian Government but also by UNESCO.

Coming back to the Robotic systems field, the courses offered provide learning in the vocational and practical disciplines such as the basis of program design for robotic systems, robotic complexes and systems in aviation and space engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and microprocessor engineering, theory of technical systems, history of engineering activity and robotics, hydraulics, hydro- and pneumatic drives, technological basis of robotized production, maintenance and servicing of industrial robots, bases of flexible production, dynamic durability of industrial robots, mathematical basis of robotic systems, theory of control, bases of robotic systems designing, industrial robotics, electromechanical drives of robots and engineering tools with numerical programmed control, electronic elements and devices, physical-technical bases of robotized production and so many more to provide the proper learning of the course in question.

Establish a Glittering Career in Robotics

Robotic System and Complex system are the branches which are the combination of the mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering. To boost your career in the automation engineering with the sum of all we can define a new engineering that is robotic engineering. The field deals with the design, construction, operation, and the applications of the robots. With the advanced computer and IT systems for the control, sensor feedback and the information processing. To better understand the concept of robotics, Many of you have watched the “Terminator” movie based on the science fiction and the advance use of robotics complexes and machine designing to better get an exposure to the latest technologies and the machine structures.

Talking about the future, it has been assumed that robots will one day be able to mimic human behavior and manage tasks in a human-like fashion, surgeries, and others. Robotics is a rapid growing technology that continues to boost the applications of research, designing and building new robots for various purposes whether it may be domestically, commercially or militarily services. Robotics engineering has changed the way of thinking of many scientists are many works can be made from them in terms of field related to mechanical, electrical, electronics and the most important one is Science and technology and that too in the real-time applications.

To get in the amazing career of robotics with the reference to aeronautical and aerospace engineering, One has to get a good grade of marks in the subjects like physics, math, chemistry, and advanced technological devices. To get a better chance in the field of robotics and automation and get in the amazing career and enjoy the experience of working in real-time and off time applications too. The environment of being is such a field requires the complete devotion of the aspirants towards it. As many difficulties in terms of learning and dealing with new equipment may arise to the one who is getting in one of the finest careers.

Automation Engineering

It involves specialized knowledge of automation control systems, which is generally desired in manufacturing industries and automobiles. Automation engineer deals with the testing, quality improvement and operation of the automated systems and tools of all types and size. These professionals are desired everywhere in the manufacturing industry. With the emerging trends in the manufacturing industry in the country, the demand for the professions has increased and realized in the last few years. In the coming years, the industry is expected to grow on the trademark of the robotics with maintenance and the production engineering. The engineer in this field integrates the hardware and software components or system to develop a final integration of systems, which can be depended upon to carry out the various operations of the industry, which includes the testing, component parts etc. The complete process is repeated to achieve the desired results in automation engineering.

System Complexes

These kinds of engineering deal with the design and analysis of building and non-building devices such as structures of robots, aircraft, helicopters, planes, medical equipment, entertainment products and spacecraft.

The work of the control engineer has contributed a lot to the manufacturing industry for the purpose of efficient production, computer control and improve the all over the quality of the product.

Any Student who is interested the field of robotics systems and complexes has a world of opportunities to deal with the same. There are many reputed universities offering the quality of education in the same field. There are many locations which are the hub of the various engineering related to it mentioned field with the benefits like low tuition fees, its colleges are considered to be among the top aviation institutes of various countries and at par with any other renowned colleges in the world.

The proof of the quality of the education system in different Countries can be made out from the range of faculties teaching with the university accredited by the various local and international bodies. A few of the universities and institutes are accredited by the bodies like WHO, UNESCO, and others which are known worldwide.

The field of robotics and system complexes are the new one in the terms of aerospace and aeronautics. So aspirants can choose a career in it,based on their merit results. As, robotics is dealing with the use of medical equipment,entertainment equipment building, and others.

The future building in the fields lies in the hand of the engineering aspirants. So students have to choose wisely among the different streams of robotics and system complexes.

RF Robot Kit

From simple robot kits, average are made and from average superior robot kits like the rf robot kit are created. The simple or beginner robot kit is actually all about mechanics, the average kit already involves mechanics and electronics, and superior robot kits combines mechanical, electronics and programming. When you buy them, being “kits”, their package includes the parts, the tools and the manual that indicate how the project should be made or assembled. The rf robot kit is not anymore for kids because it requires analytical thinking, more logical process and long robotic experience. Kids especially those that are just aging seven years old should start from the basic, they should first try the beginner’s kit, and when they become experts they can try average level kits up to the time that they qualify to do superior level kits.

The Rf robot kit is a superior robotic project that is really intriguing and exciting to do. It involves the use of transmitter and receivers that contribute a huge factor in program management of a robot project. Usually numbers play a significant role in rf robot, it determines the direction, the speed and extent of location to head on. A particular number has a specific value that could be translated by the robot into an action or performance. This is not mainly intended for kids but also created for adult’s hobbies and recreation. If a kid intends to make an rf robot, he must assure himself that he has all it takes to be called robotics expert because rf robot kit is very difficult to so many complexities. Some kids who are really passionate about robotics and has high intelligence level could make an rf robot.

Because of the complex steps involve in assembling the rf robot kits, it is suggested to be a group or family project where in several minds could work together. Some say two minds are better than one so what more if it is a group, the rf robot kit branded as very complex will become very easy in this case. Same thing will happen if this project will be worked out by a family; every member will take part on finishing the project by sharing ideas and thoughts.

Every person or group that will try to solve a rf robot kit could gain personal development. If he done the project by himself, his analytical skills, intelligence and logical thinking will surely be increased, and if he work on it with a group, he could share his idea and at the same time also gather ideas from others. If you want to get one for yourself or for your family, kits are already available on your local stores.